Company Profile

       Shenzhen Guoye Optoelectronics Co.,Limited was founded in 2016.  We are a professional LED strip light, led neon flex manufacturer and supplier. We focus on LED strip light research and development, production, and sales. OEM customization is one of our advantages. Our customers come from lighting engineering projects, design institutes, chain brand lighting, etc. We participate in the design and production of high-quality LED strip products, and are professional to provide customers with comprehensive lighting solutions.

      Our company is located in Bao’an district, Shenzhen, China, an international metro city. Here has a high quality LED light industry chain. We can provide fast and effective service from design, production, Transportation and so on. And constantly develop new products to meet customers’ personalized needs. Our products include LED strip light, led neon flex, aluminum profile led light, and related led power supply and led controller, etc. The company also continues to launch personalized products, such as high display index CRI 95+ series, high light efficiency 120-160LM/W series, small Angle spot strip lights series, outdoor waterproof series, COB led strip without light spot series and so on. 


To serve customers better and provide more excellent and stable led products, we have a strict management plan in the selection of raw material, production process control and products test. We have a deep contact and long cooperation with some major excellent suppliers. After years of development, our outstanding sales, technical and manufacturing teams have provided thousands of high-quality led applications for clients over 50 countries, and have earned their trust with high standard customer service.

      We welcome you to consult latest products and the latest industry trends and put forward your design request, design concept. We will give you best plan with the best international sales and customization at any time. We are professional, focused, creative, and we focus on products quality and concern about your trust.

Our Product

1.12V 24V led strip Commercial lighting
1.3V 5V led strip decorative lighting with USB / Battery
2.Led strip warterproof with IP67 IP68 for outdoor / underwater lighting
2.Neon flex led strip with silicone cover
3.Rigid led strip with aluminum profile
5.Related products led power supply,controller,connecter and so on

Product Application

1.Commercial lighting : for home, room,office,gymnasium,chain brand,
2.Outdoor lighting :  Public parks,courtyard lighting,outside wall of hotel,
3.waterproof lighting :  aquarium,swimming pool,water fountain ,boat

4.Gift box lighting,Reading lighting,Computer lighting

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