DMX512 IC Pixel LED Strip

What is DMX512 IC Pixel led strip light? DMX512 is Digital Multiplex With 512 pieces of information. DMX512 protocol was first developed by USITT into a standard Digital interface from the console to control the way of dimming. DMX512 system indicates that a number of RGB light, each light contains a DMX module, the module in the case of receiving the power supply and controller signal at the same time, will drive the LED changes, so as to adjust the color. External drive IC chip realize addressable, programmable digital light strip. The LED Strip Light controlled by DMX gives people the feeling that it is always changing, mainly with color changes, suitable for rendering atmosphere, so it is generally used in landscape lights and stage lights.

The common 512 IC has TM512AC, UCS512C4, UCS512B3, etc. It was driven by common DC24V voltage, and the color can be customized as RGB, RGBW, etc. DMX512 led strip light is of 5 cables, including two data cables, one coding cable, two positive and negative power cables, which can be controlled by protocol to achieve any effect. Adopting the breakpoint continuous parallel transmission protocol doesn’t affect the normal operation of the strip if there is any damage happening. DMX512 Pixel LED Strip Light is very energy-saving, safe and stable, with flexible circuit board, good electricity and Resistance to bending. It can do different waterproof ranks, and it can suit various different environments.

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  • Guoye Optoelectronics is high quality dmx512 led strip light manufacturer and supply in China. DMX512 LED strip light is a flexible addressable LED strip connected to a smart IC UCS512 or other DMX512 IC models. DMX512 RGB LED strips utilize direct DMX512 signals to control pixel by pixel.

  • Guoye Optoelectronics is a mature manufacturer and supplier of dmx512 rgbw led strip light in China Shenzhen. DMX512 programmable IC type can be TM512AC, UCS512C4, UCS512B3 and so on. We are a research and development, production, sales as one of the high-paying enterprises. Please contact us for the latest product specifications

Guoye Optoelectronics is one of the professional DMX512 IC Pixel LED Strip manufacturers and suppliers in China, with more than working experience. Welcome to wholesale and buy fashionDMX512 IC Pixel LED Strip from our factory. Our products are high quality and safely, you can rest assured customized and 2 years warranty, we are happy to provide you with a pricelist.
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