Breakpoint Continue LED Strip

Breakpoint Continue pixel LED strip, also call Breakpoint Resume pixel LED strip, it’s able to continue transferring from breakpoint after signal transmission is interrupted. Breakpoint Resume pixel led strip is an updated version of a single data channel LED strip. Breakpoint Continuation LED Strip is designed to have another extra spare circuit compared with common Pixel LED Strip, meaning that the spare circuit still works successfully even if some chip damaged. Breakpoint Continue LED Strip is mostly used for engineering project installation. The IC chips for Breakpoint Continue LED Strip generally have TM1934, SK6813, WS2813, CS2803, WST2906, GS8206, TM1914, WS2818, and so on.

Breakpoint Continue LED Strip is usually designed to have a digital channel, one standby signal channel, positive and negative two cable channels. Its common voltage can be 5v, 12v, 24v. The color can be single, CCT double, RGB, RGBW, etc. Different colors, brightness, effects and others can be controlled by controlled. It can realize simple texts, numbers, English, images, animations, etc.

Pixel Strip Light is usually of low voltage, which can achieve different effects by equipping with external controller. Pixel Led Strip is widely used for setting off scene atmosphere such as bar, KTV and night club, advertising sign, festival decoration, home decoration, outdoor lighting like bridge edge, amusement park and other projects.

Guoye Optoelectronics is a manufacturer engaged in LED strip light product development, production and sales, led strip light products are widely sold in Europe, The United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other markets. Our company participated in the custom production, design and OEM production of many companies. Stable quality get good feedback from customers, the company has been committed to providing personalized, stable, competitive LED products, welcome to contact us, we will be willing to establish long-term cooperation with you.

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  • Guoye Optoelectronics is one of the professional Breakpoint Continue RGB led strip manufacturers and suppliers in Shenzhen China. Breakpoint continuation has double signal output function, that is, if one pixel is damaged, it can transmit signals through another channel, so that the other pixels can continue to work normally without affecting the overall effect.

  • Guoye Optoelectronics is the reliable manufacturer and supply focuses on TM1934 Pixel led strip. TM1934 is an external intelligent IC chip, it has the function of continuous breakpoint, through the controller to achieve multiple color effects such as breathing, magic color water, meteor, chase, gradual change, etc.

  • Guoye Optoelectronics is wholesale apa102 RGB led strip supplier in China. APA102c flexible addressable light strip uses the newer AP102C smart IC chip to replace the older WS2801 chip. The AP102C chip is easier to control and provides a faster (20kHz) PWM rate without flicker.

  • Guoye Optoelectronics focuses on SK9822 addressable led strip lights, we are the reliable manufacturer and supply in China. Apa102 or SK9822, both operate/execute in the same manner and are compatible. The SK9822 chip is easier to control and provides a faster (20kHz) PWM rate without flicker.

Guoye Optoelectronics is one of the professional Breakpoint Continue LED Strip manufacturers and suppliers in China, with more than working experience. Welcome to wholesale and buy fashionBreakpoint Continue LED Strip from our factory. Our products are high quality and safely, you can rest assured customized and 2 years warranty, we are happy to provide you with a pricelist.
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