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New Arrival 1: 12*20mm Side emitting LED neon light with Seamless integration tail end


LED neon light with W12*H20mm used a lot in engineering lighting projects, It can be made to single color, double CCT color, RGB, RGBW, magic RGB with IC and other different colors. In response to more and more customer requirements, development upgrade into a seamless integration tail end plug is a very good choice. Seamless integration tail end plug has the same dimensions on the whole body, it has the advantages of more beautiful appearance and more suitable installation.

1, Bend direction: Side bending - Side view emitting

2, Section size: 12*20mm (Flat top)

3, Packing: 1m - 5m - 10m / 50m roll

4, 10Watt/meter, IP67, 3 years warranty

Product Advantage

1, Silicone Extrusion led neon flex adopt high quality silicone rubber, and mold integral forming processing technology to make finish neon light.

2, Neon light with high-grade products, good plasticity, very good light transmission and good soft lighting and consistency.

3, Mold forming product, led strip and silicon fully combined, effectively protect light source, do not dislocation, not easy to fracture.

4, Neon light resistant to high and low temperature, not easy to oxidation, not easy to yellowing, UV resistance.

5, Neon light has PC base plate on back side of led strip, increase tensile strength and outstanding bending proof performance.

6, Different mold styles options, Different color styles options,IP67 waterproof protection grade, suitable for indoor outdoor engineering lighting.