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Quality offer led power supply


High quality 110v 220v 12v 5a 24v 2.5a 60w linear led lighting power supply
Factory IP44 waterproof 200w 16.6a 12v 24v led strip power supply
Hot sale 250w 12v 24v Half-drop glue IP44 waterproof led power supply

*  Updated version of the E Series
*   Press to connection, more convenient
*  Designed to start the light slowly
*  Four-stage brightness adjustment function
*  100W-500W products are half-filled glue, Prevent dust, insects, moisture, etc
*  This product has BIS,CE,CB,SAA, etc
* Brightness adjustment:

Four-stage brightness adjustment function, Can achieve 25%, 55%, 75%, 100% brightness.
* Slowly start mode:
Brightness from 0% to 100% light up, Increase the sense of atmosphere, more relaxed feeling.
* Press type connection mode:
it makes us more convenient to connect to wires, the use of the led light is more stable, well work.
* Half drop glue process:
The production technology of half drop glue can effectively prevent dust, insects and moisture.
* Reliable quality :
We completely use authentic and reliable components.

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