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Production diary: Customized IP65 silicon coating waterproof RGB LED strip light


This production order is from one client who comes from Australia. One of products is common led strip, 12v 5050smd, 60leds/M, RGB color. This client needs use IP65 Silicon Coating Waterproof during the communication. We recommend using IP65 Silicon Coating Waterproof, which is very high-grade, of good transparency, and not easy to oxidize. It is very convenient, to install by connecting with 3-Meter RGB 4 doubling.

Client’s Requirement:
LED Strip Light: 12V-5050-60LED/M-RGB 0.5meter/set
Waterproof Rank: IP65 Silicon coating waterproof
Cable: RGB 4 doubling, 3 Meters long (V+ RGB)
FPCB: White flexible PCB, 10mm width
Others: 50cm black shrink tube, no 3M adhesive, etc.

Guoye Optoelectronics is a professional LED strip manufacturer. We focus on LED strip light, led neon flex research and development, production, and sales. OEM customization is one of our advantages. Our Company provides technical customization for clients. Customers contact with our salesman through E-mail or online method, and put forward customization requirements, including all parameters of strip, voltage, color, length, cable or connector, and so on. Our sales provide and confirm feasible plan, and it can be produced as required.

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