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2022 LED strip light industry development status


LED strip light is the LED SMD assembly on the flexible circuit board, because its product shape like a strip, so it gets the name from this.

LED strip light has long service life, energy saving, green environmental protection, can be flexibly used to participate in all kinds of design, can be applied to all kinds of decoration industry so it has been widely used.

LED light strip is widely used in indoor and outdoor places. Hotel, shopping malls, household, automobile, advertising, lighting, bar and other industries, can be main lighting, indirect lighting, dark slot lighting, outline outline, decorative lighting and other uses.

As a big energy consuming country, with the rapid economic development of China, various environmental problems gradually become prominent, such as air pollution and lack of resources seriously affect People's Daily life.

LED lighting products, the characteristics of low energy consumption, low pollution, long life period, became the main reason of the nation's vigorously support the development, not only can satisfy the People's Daily life uses, but also accord with the requirement of environmental protection, reduce pollution, at the same time, the LED strip light with flexible, can be arbitrary like wire crimp, stretching, can make graphics, text, such as modelling.LED strip light can be cut and extended at will, so it become more and more popular in the market.

As we all know, LED leading enterprises continue to large-scale expansion, complete product lines, but the new product field is weak, which is a breakthrough for LED small and medium-sized enterprises. To be able to do a good job in the segmentation of the field, the formation of a unique advantage, it is small and medium-sized enterprises break through the tactics. With the coming of the era of industrial Internet of Things, the industrial Internet realizes the comprehensive interconnection of people, things and machines through technology, builds a new production and manufacturing system and improves the response speed of manufacturing enterprises to the market. Machine replacement, unmanned factories, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing are deeply affecting the LED industry reform.